D E L G A N A D O  was a total remodel. The house needed major renovation and upgrades, including new drywall, insulation, windows, lighting and flooring. Phase One of the remodel included the kitchen, dining room and living room. New flooring was done throughout the public spaces of the home.

The kitchen remodel started by re-working the layout, and opening up a partial wall to the living room that had been closed by the previous owner. This allowed for more counter space, better flow, more light and a more open feeling overall in the small galley kitchen. The  kitchen remodel also included new appliances, CesarStone countertops, white lacquer cabinets and a great contrast to the shiny surfaces in the way of floating shelves made from 100 year old salvaged oak flooring from a mid-west barn.

The homes’ signature cinderblock partial wall and fireplace were a total loss and so covered with smooth-coat concrete for a clean, modern look.

Phase Two coming soon.